Fuse Taps

Fuse Taps


we are offering a complete Fuse Tap Bundle, for use with the Blackvue Power Magic Pro! These fuse taps can be used to help you quickly and easily integrate the Power Magic Pro or other 12v electrical accessory with your vehicle's electrical system at the fuse box.

Also known as 'add-a-circuits', fuse taps allow for non-invasive installation of a dash cam or almost any other electrical accessory into your vehicle. No cutting of wires or splicing is required, you simply crimp a fuse tap on the end of your bare wire, then plug and play at the fuse box. Take the pain out of 'hard-wiring' with our simple fuse taps.

We take the guess work out of selecting a single set (one type) of fuse taps. We include 4 of the most common types of fuse taps in our bundle so you can be sure when it comes time for installation, you'll have the correct type of fuse taps for your particular vehicle.


How do they work?

The fuse taps work by adding a new circuit to your existing fuse box. This is done by "piggy-backing" into an existing fuse slot. You simply remove the fuse from the slot you want to use, and put that fuse into the empty slot on the fuse tap. Then insert the fuse tap into the now-empty slot in the fuse box. The existing circuit integrity is not affected and retains its original fuse and functionality. The new circuit comes with its own fuse, so your device and vehicle are safe from any potential shorts or other problems.


Included in the Bundle:

  • Two (2) Low-Profile Mini Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Normal Mini Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Micro2 Fuse Taps and Fuses
  • Two (2) Full size ATO Fuse Taps and Fuses


  • Compatible with 12/24v vehicle electrical systems
  • Multiple fuse form factors
  • Length: 8" / 20cm
  • Included Fuse Rating: 2-5A


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